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3 products

Questions? We've got answers.

How long do the supplements take to begin working?

We recommend taking Proper supplements for at least 5 consecutive nights to begin feeling the benefits of supported, high-quality sleep. In fact, 84% of Proper customers see improvements in their sleep after 5 nights, with a 59% average increase to their baseline sleep score. Because everyone's biochemistry differs, many will feel results the first night, but for maximum benefits, we recommend using Proper for at least 4 weeks and coupling supplements with coaching. Behavioral change is what'll help you optimize sustainable, long-term sleep health.

Are the supplements safe to take long-term?

Yes. Proper’s supplements are carefully formulated by Dr. Alice Hirschel, our resident PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, and reviewed by a world-class panel of medical experts in sleep, integrative, and naturopathic medicine. They are drug-free, non-habit-forming, and safe to take for long-term sleep health.

Will I be groggy the next day?

Proper’s products are specially formulated to help you wake up refreshed and well rested, not groggy. (Note: some customers report symptoms of grogginess with melatonin, which is in two of our formulations: Sleep + Restore and Sleep + Restore with Hemp.)

What makes Proper different?

Taking our supplements is a more natural, drug-free, and long-term approach. They will NOT knock you out and leave you feeling groggy, struggling to wake up the next morning.

What makes each supplement different?

All supplements start with the same Core formulation of four ingredients: Sensoril® Ashwagandha, GABA, Venetron®, and valerian root extract. From there, we add additional ingredients that target specific health benefits. Sleep + Calm has L-theanine for added stress relief, Sleep + Restore has tart cherry and standard/MicroActive® extended-release melatonin to help reset your circadian rhythm, and Sleep + Clarity has Cognigrape™ for cognitive benefits.

  • Safe

    Drug-free, non-habit-forming, + safe to take daily as part of a long-term sleep wellness routine.

  • Effective

    Clinically-proven ingredient dosages, with higher bioactives for optimal efficacy.

  • Minimal

    Natural, vegan, gluten/dairy/sugar-free, allergen-free, non-GMO. No artificial colors or binders.

  • Quality

    Unique, natural ingredients backed by clinical evidence in human trials.

  • More than Melatonin

    It’s great to have options. Melatonin supplements are perfect for some, not for others.

  • Clean

    Third-party tested for purity. Verified free of heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides.

  • Standardized

    Botanical extracts standardized to guarantee consistent purity, potency, and efficacy.

  • U.S. Manufactured

    Produced in an FDA-approved, CGMP-compliant facility.

Healthy sleep starts with quality ingredients at effective dosages

We partnered with our Scientific & Medical Advisory Council to develop the natural sleep aids based on clinical research, chemical ingredient breakdowns, and historical botanical applications.

Small but mighty

2 small, sugar-free capsules for easier swallowing without the >1 tsp of sugar in traditional sleep gummies.

Clinically-studied ingredients

  • Valerian Root

    • Causes an increase in chloride into the neuron
    • Ensures a less stimulated
    • Allows GABA to perform its function longer
  • Sensoril® Ashwaghanda

    • Decreases cortisol, a key marker of stress
    • Reduces malondialdehyde (MDA), a key marker of oxidative stress
    • Relieves occasional sleeplessness
  • GABA

    • When GABA binds to its receptor (GABA-A), it renders the neuron less responsive to stimulation
    • Reduces excitability
    • Promotes relaxation + calmness
  • Venetron®

    • Improves initiation + maintenance of sleep
    • Helps you fall asleep faster + stay asleep
    • Reduces feelings of nervousness, restlessness, + irritation

Words from the well rested...

I tracked my sleep on my Fitbit before and after trying Proper, and I was shocked to find my minutes of deep sleep increased by nearly 70%.

Gene K., age 47

I haven't slept past 3am in months. With Proper, I fell asleep immediately and woke up at 7:30am ready to party.

Siobhan, age 42

I was super skeptical - the supplement industry is great at marketing but never seems to follow through with the science - so I talked to my doctor about Proper. She looked into it and was really excited that it's helping me, and now recommending it to her other patients!

Kris P. age 33

After 4 days of Proper, my sleep tracker showed my REM sleep doubling from 8-10% to 18%. I am no longer hitting that 3pm slump.

Steven, age 39

I've tried everything. Those stupid anxiety blankets, exhausting myself, pure melatonin, etc. This stuff has been the only thing that works consistently.

Emily M., age 37